Launch your own Blockchain in minutes

We deploy your own Ethereum Layer 2 directly into your AWS environment.



Core Features

From unparalleled customization to top-tier security, explore the bedrock features that define Chaindrop.

Full Portability

Transfer, scale, or modify your infrastructure whenever you wish, thanks to our flexible deployment.

Your infra runs in your AWS instance. You have complete control, but without the overhead.

Rapid Deployment

Launch your app rollup testnet chain in minutes and we'll prepare you for your mainnet launch.

Eager to get started? Launch a temporary demo-net on our servers to see how it works.

Custom EIPs

Experience the freedom to create tailored experiences with custom EIP selection.

Be at the forefront of crypto UI by enabling EIP 7212 & 4334 for Passkey-based wallet authentication. No more seed phrases or buggy browsers for your users.

Account Abstraction on your L2


Your questions answered. Dive into frequently asked questions about Chaindrop and our services.

What is Chaindrop?

Chaindrop is a Rollup-as-a-Service company that deploys Optimism Stack (OP-Stack) L2 app rollups directly into clients' AWS infrastructures.

Why AWS integration?

By integrating directly with AWS, we provide seamless, secure, and scalable solutions for clients’ infrastructure needs.

How easy is the setup?

With Chaindrop, setup is non-existent for our clients. We handle everything from deployment to maintenance.

Can I customize my rollup?

Absolutely. Chaindrop supports selective enablement of EIPs to enhance user experiences as per your requirements.

Ready to get Started?

Create your free demonet

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